Month: May 2014

haskell package: jsonrpc-conduit


“jsonrpc-conduit implements the basic building block of a JSON-RPC 2.0 server.
It provides a Conduit that consumes RPC requests and invokes user-provided functions to handle them. Conversion of values to and from JSON is almost completely automatic thanks to the aeson library.

The JSON-RPC conduit is generic with respect to the channel used to exchange data with the client. It can use a network connection or, for example, the standard input / ouput of a process. The latter is demonstrated by the jsonrpc-conduit-demo executable, which can be compiled using the demo flag.” –

JSONRPCake – a CLI JSON-RPC client for humans.

“JSONRPCake is a command line JSON-RPC client that wraps the jsonrpc-ns library. It is a fork of HTTPie written by Jakub Roztocil. Its goal is to make CLI interaction with JSON-RPC 2.0 services as human-friendly as possible. It provides a simple jsonrpc command that allows for sending arbitrary JSON-RPC requests using a simple and natural syntax, and displays colorized responses. JSONRPCake can be used for testing, debugging, and generally interacting with JSON-RPC servers.

JSONRPCake is written in Python, and under the hood it uses the jsonrpc-ns and Pygments libraries.”

jsonrpcake screenshot